Posted on Jun 09, 2010
Posted in Lifestyle

This couple amazed me, they have such chemistry, love, and passion for each other.  I have total respect for them. I would like to introduce you to Ivan and Lizzy Jane, like he likes to call her. A couple that met at Penn State University. He’s the funny guy and she is the shy one, they just complement each other.
I’m so honored  to have worked with them. I can’t thank them enough. May GOD bless you both.

This great engagement shoot was perfect from start to finish. We ended the day by having dinner at one of my favorite places in N.Y.C. RARE.

Hope you love my images.

  • This photo shoot is awesome! You guys look great, and props to the photog!

  • I must say you guys look great and most of all TRULY happy. I’m proud to have seen you two grow from the time you met as students, to now as adults. What you guys have is the true definition of “Unconditional Love”.

  • They are a lovely couple, and it’s great knowing them. They didn’t have to pose for these photos. This is how they are 24/7 with each other.

  • Nice work Henry… you’re enjoying that D3S aren’t you? Nice exposure! Congrats!
    Say hi to Yesenia!!!

  • Oh yes, I love my D3S that’s the best and thank you Lara, the best for you too…

  • Congratulations to these MODELS. Wow ! Absolutely gorgeous photos , so candid, honest, and breathtakingly beautiful ! I can’t wait for the wedding next Summer and please use this same photographer. Genius !!

  • Great pictures!! God bless your relationship…

  • Very nice, looks very natural. Photos came out great and you guys look amazing can’t wait for the wedding it’s going top be a blast. (Henry, we will keep in touch for my wedding)